Coliving in India | Best place to work from home.

by Amitesh Kumar
Coliving In India

In India, coliving space is the latest trend in the rental housing sector. The meaning of co-living is different for different people. The simple way to define a coliving space is ” co-living space is any shared living space or housing arrangement, which involves pooling resources and living in close proximity that improves the quality of life for its residents”. It gives a wide variety of benefits for its residents like comfort, affordability, security, and a greater sense of social belonging.

Gurugram is  India’s one of the biggest startup hubs. A large number of students and the working population come every year to Gurgaon to build their careers or to set up their startups.

coliving in India
coliving in India

Since the beginning of human civilization, people have lived in close-knit communities for various reasons, including survival, efficiency, and affiliation. Today, the co-living structures seek to formalize the concept that has been around for thousands of years.

Today, people value experiences over material possessions and this gives way to the rise of formalized sharing models in a wide variety of sectors, including housing as well. In the current era, reduced living space is becoming accepted as long as there is a way to meet like-minded people and truly experience life.

Why you should choose commune Apartments 🤔 

We here at the commune apartments aims to be the best coliving space in Gurgaon. We believe in the idea of living Happy Together. We provide everything you need to feel at home and be productive from the moment you arrive. Strong wifi, a coworking space, chef’s kitchen, and a diverse community.

Comfort: Here you will enjoy privacy and comfort. Every room is fully furnished and has its own private bathroom, high-speed Internet extends to every corner of your private space. It’s everything you need to feel right at home.


Community: Here you will find supportive and friendly faces wherever you are. Show up and find a community anywhere. Each Commune Apartment location is much bigger than a house so that we can comfortably support a large, diverse community with plenty of events and meetings.

Co-living enjoyment

Productivity: You can work from anywhere and pursue your life’s work. We provide battle-tested wifi connectivity, you will become a part of an inspiring community of curious minds you can grow with. You will get a chance to learn a new skill, expand your mind, and let loose and unwind. Our boundary-pushing cultural events come to you, live from your living room.